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    Token Guild War
    Posted on on May 23, 2020 | 13:09
    Token Guild War
    Server Time 14:00-21:00 Monday & Friday
    War Rewards:
    The leader of the guild that dominates the guild map will earn 10M CPs and Ruler Token for the week's victory. The prize money can be claimed from the Guild Officer (44 60) each week.
    The leader of the winning guild must claim the prize money between 21:05 on Monday & Friday otherwise the prize will be forfeited.

    War Rules:
    1.Enter the guild Area
    Ask the Guild Controller in Twin City (317 320) to teleport you to the Guild Area. Head across the bridge and you can reach the fortress that houses the Guild Pole (90 100).

    2. No one can attack the pole except during a Guild War. When it is time for the war you must hold the Ctrl key and click the pole to start attacking it.

    3. The pole has very high HP and Magic Defense. The majority of damage will be delivered by the stronger Warriors and Trojans while Fire Taoists and Archers battle off the defenders and Water Taoists revive fallen guild members.

    4. If you are the guild leader that is in control of the Guild Area you may click on the Guild Pole to repair it. You can use money from the Guild Fund to restore its HP. After you enter the amount you want to spend on repairs the HP will be automatically restored. 10000 HP will be restored every 10 seconds. 10 HP = 1 Silver. Restoring HP will pause if the HP is full or no more funds are available.

    5. During the war the damage all guilds inflict on the pole will be recorded. When the pole is knocked down the guild that dealt the most damage to the pole will dominate the Guild Area and the guild's name will appear on the pole.

    6. After a guild seizes the Guild Area the pole and the gate will be rebuilt and the damage record will be cleared.

    7. If the war is still going on the other guilds can continue to attack the pole and the final holder of the pole will be declared the winner and seize control of the Guild Area.

    8. During the war the ghosts of fallen fighters will be teleported to the same map.

    9. You will gain some money from attacking the pole unless the holder has run out of Guild Funds. If the holder's guild fund reaches 0 the pole will receive 10s the normal damage. If a guild knocks down the pole it will get an extra 10% of the former holder's Guild Fund!

    10. Guild Funds come from the members' donations. A member's contribution can help reduce the Experience Points lost when they are PKed. Every 100 Experience Points saved will subtract 1 Silver from the Guild Fund.

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