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    Weekly PK Tournament
    Posted on on May 12, 2020 | 10:34
    Weekly PK Tournament

    Introduction: All players are invited to a once weekly slugfest to battle it out for the title of champion. The PK (player killing) tournament is a regular event that allows players to fight each other within the safety of the arena. During such tournaments items are not lost fights are honorable and there is no penalty for losing.


    To Enter: Speak with General Bravery in Twin City (446 246) to be admitted to the tournament.

    Date: Weekly PK War – Every Saturday.
    Time: The tournament starts at 20:00 and finishes at 21:00. During that time General Bravery appears taking the place of a normal arena guard.

    Groups: Competitors are divided into 4 streams: Level 1-99; Level 100-119; Level 120-129; Level 130+. There can only be one champion for each group. Each group will be teleported to the respective destination.

    1. Between 20:00 and 20:19 find General Bravery and get into the first PK map.
    2.At 20:22 General Winner will come to the first PK map and will be there until 20:27. If you are the only one left he will award you the prize.
    3. If not find Arena Guard to enter the second PK map from 20:28 to  20:30 right after General Winner disappears and moves to the second map. 
    4. You fight in this mapif you win General Winner will come to the first PK map and will be there until 20:37.  If you are the only one left he will award you the prize, if nobody wins the survivor must find Arena Guard before 20:40 and enter the last PK map. 
    5. The last PK map is so small that nobody could hide away.
    Note: There is no level restriction. Everybody has the chance to challenge others. You won`t lose equipment unless you have a red or black name. If you run out of your potions you may try to find some on the ground. Ghosts may stay in the arena to watch the war.


    Prizes will be canceled if nobody wins the tournament. If there is only one player left in the PK map then he/she is the winner. Prizes can be claimed from General Winner in the PK Map.

    Weekly Participants:
    an hour of Heaven`s Blessing Experience

    Weekly Winners:



    Level 1-99

    550K CPs Honor Halo

    Level 100-119

    550K CPs Honor Halo

    Level 120-129

    550K CPs Honor Halo

    Level 130+

    550K CPs Honor Halo

    By KeyBoard[PM]

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